Bob's Side Show




This is Haussner's ball of string that was auctioned back in December of 1999. Though this is not the biggest ball of string in the country it definitely holds its own. The string measures 337.5 miles, enough to stretch from Baltimore to Rhode Island with room to spare and it weighs about 825 pounds. The string was made from laundry twine that was used to package clean tablecloths and napkins for the famous Haussner's Resturant of Eastern Avenue. This is a one of a kind treasure and we are proud to have it displayed in our store.  The ball was also featured in Meet the Parents  a 2000 comedy film starring Ben Stiller and Robert De Niro. The film was distributed by Universal Studios and DreamWorks SKG.


It is with great pleasure that we present "KAP DWA", the Giant, and we are sure that you will enjoy the exhibit and we think it is sure to stimulate your imagination. He is a 12 feet tall, two headed mummy. The mummy was brought to England in the early 1800's from Paraguay by Captain George Bickle who sailed out of Plymouth, England on the clipper ship, Olive Branch. It is said that the great P.T. Barnum tried in vain to buy Kap-Dwa on one of his trips to England. It was not until the mid 1950's that Kap-Dwa left the Blackpool Museum to go on tour in the United States. He was retired and put into storage until the 60's where he stayed until discovered by the Antique Man.

Is he real? You must see him for yourself as we did.


The famous Tocci Brothers.


Dracula's Son

Shrunken Head

The Oldest Tree in Baltimore

A Perserved Railroad Worker's Severed Foot

You must come in and read his story.


Whatever you do, don't go to sleep. This is one of Freddy Krueger's hand that was used on A Nightmare on Elm Street, the horror classic that launched 6 sequels and made Freddy Krueger into a legendary character. Dig your claws into the chilling ... come in and check it out.

Mummified Hand of a Thief

Ever see a Siamese duck?

Very unusual. Only lived a short time. Born on a Quacker Farm. Only one in existence. 

Four Legged Chicken